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Bobcat Made Maker Space

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Bobcat MadeBobcat Made is for personal and class projects. You are welcome to create prototypes for your own company, but no production of items for sale!

If you don’t like the paper and sticker color options available (or just want to use something else), you are welcome to bring your own material.

If your project leaves a lot of small pieces stuck to the cutting mat, you can use the lint roller or the scraper tool (or both) to help clean it off.

Try the settings recommended for your material by Silhouette Studio first, and then adjust as needed.

Take a picture of your completed project for our Wall of Awesome! Print a picture, have your staff member snap a pic, or Tweet it with #BobcatMade

Meet My Tools

Silhouette Cameo

Silhouette Cameo

  • I am a 2D cutter/sketcher
  • I use special cutting blade to cut paper, stickers, and vinyl per your design
  • I can also sketch with any pen

Download Silhouette Studio (free download) and explore the library.  (The library will have more items when your computer is connected to the Cameo.)

During the installation it will ask you to register your product; select Already Registered.

You can import pictures and pdfs into Silhouette Studio, but you will likely need to trace the image, which is a setting, to cut it out.  Have fun!

PDF Icon Silhouette Cameo Pointers

MakerBot I

MakerBoot I

  • I am a 3D printer
  • I heat up and extrude plastic filament to create your designs!

Look through MakerBot I’s internal storage to try out process.

Thingiverse is a website hosted by MakerBot for people to share their designs – for free!

Use your 3D modeling software of choice to create your thing, export as an STL file type, and then open in MakerBot Desktop (free download) to export as a printable file for MakerBot I.

Filament Storage - Please always unload the filament when you are finished with your print and store in a plastic bag with the little desiccant packet.  The filament is sensitive to humidity and will cause lots of jams if it absorbs too much water from the air.

PDF Icon MakerBot I Pointers

Universal Laser

Universal Laser

  • I am a laser engraver/cutter.
  • I generate a laser that can cut or engrave your designs into a wide range of materials!

You may use any graphics program to develop your design, but pay attention to
these settings:

You must use Adobe Illustrator to “print” your designs to the laser.
The design (from Illustrator) must be in RGB color.

  • Cutting = RGB Red & Stroke set to 0.001
  • Engrave = RGB Black and any other Stroke width

PDF Icon Universal Laser Pointers

Nomad Mini Mill

Nomad Mini Mill

  • I am a CNC mill.
  • I use my spindle and different cutting tools to make designs in woods, plastics, and certain composites.

Look through the Carbide 3D library to try out the process.

Have a picture? Want to make it 3D? The software MeshCAM can do that.

Create your project using Autodesk Fusion 360. Once your project is drawn,
switch the view to “CAM”. Setup your machining parameters and tool paths. Generate a “.NC” file and open the file with Carbide Motion.

PDF Icon CNC Mini Mill Quick Start